West Wirral Riding Centre

Our Facilities


West Wirral is well-equipped, with over 20 horses and ponies and a variety of riding arenas. You don't even need to bring your own riding hat, as we have BSI standard hats to suit almost all sizes!

Most of our ponies are bred from top-class show stock which we have bred ourselves. Stallions include Cusop Fingerprint, Matador

Our beautiful school ponies are well accustomed to working with children so why not bring the kids for a day out?

During the school holidays, we offer holiday courses, a great kids' day out: kids can spend a day at the school riding, bathing and grooming ponies while mums are at work.

We also have a health and safety at work officer and first aider on duty to ensure your children are well cared for. 24-hour surveillance cameras protect the school at all times.

Our prices are as follows:

1 hour group lessons are also available at weekends for our more advanced riders.

Private lessons are also available on weekdays. Prices start from £16 per half hour.